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Stump Grinding-Pros-Pro Tree Trimming & Removal Team of Port St Lucie

If you plant trees, then you cannot avoid seeing the stumps because you will have to cut the trees down at some point. You may also come across the sight of tree stumps whose origins you don’t even know. For instance, you can buy land with the stumps already. You can also buy a home that has been used by someone before, and you don’t just like the trees planted there. You will be forced to remove them, and what is left? Unsightly tree stumps.

Tree stumps are not only annoying but are also health hazards. They are prone to causing injuries especially if they are near the entrance or walkways. Decaying tree stumps can host notorious insects such as termites or even pests that will attack your other trees. We all know just how annoying termites are when they invade your wooden structures. Getting rid of these small creatures is a hell of work to do.

Avoid all the mess of tree stumps by using the services offered by Port St Lucie Pro Tree Trimming and Removal Team. We offer quite a number of tree services beginning from tree felling, shrub clearing, and stump grinding, which is meant to reduce that unsightly thing into mulch. Whether big or small stump, we have the machines to get rid of it.

Once our experts are done grinding the stump below the ground level, a huge mulch will be left depending on the size of the stump itself. You can then opt to get rid of them, of which we can still help, or repurpose the mulch. Sometimes you can have other uses for this mulch if you get creative enough.

The most common use of the mulch from your stump is spreading it on your garden to suppress weeds and to add nutrients when they decay. However, this should be done only after verifying that the mulch is free from diseases and pests.

We have the best stump grinding machine. It is designed to pass through the smallest garden gate and to take on any stump regardless of the tree species. It is rare to find a machine of these technical specs. We may be the only tree company having it. We won’t mess with your garden or break the ground unnecessarily. We will move directly to the stump regardless of the terrain leading to it.

We are available to attend to your every garden need. We not only grind stumps don’t mistake us. This post was mainly focusing on stump grinding, but we can readily offer other tree services. There are situations where stump grinding is not applicable, and we will recommend stump removal. Stump removal completely eradicates the stumps including the roots. It is the preferred method for construction sites.

If you need any tree service or any other services that we offer as listed below, then just give us a call. We respond very quickly and offer affordable services. Check it out.

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