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Deep Root Injection-Pros-Pro Tree Trimming & Removal Team of Port St Lucie

Farmers understand this quite well. Your crops won’t do well with the initial fertilizer applied at the time of planting. For the best result, you will have to top-dress them. Topdressing is simply applying fertilizers at the base of the plants to supplement the soil nutrients. The same is true for your trees. The only difference is that in trees, the fertilizer is applied deep underground while in crops, it is placed at the base of the crops and gets absorbed by natural means. That is so because most crops have their roots near the ground surface. Trees, on the other hand, have their roots penetrating deep into the ground.

You cannot depend on natural means to efficiently take the nutrients spayed on the surface to get t the roots that are located several feet underground. For this reason, you will need Deep root injection or sometimes called deep root fertilization. It is an exercise that requires a tree professional who also understands how to determine the soil nutrients constituent. If you think your trees require artificial fertilization, contact the experts at Port St Lucie Pro Tree Trimming and Removal Team.

Our process of deep-root injection

For a successful deep-root injection, a well-laid-out process must be followed. You not only have to follow the steps like a programmed robot but must also do proper timing. In fact, proper timing is the key to everything. If you do a deep root injection at the wrong time, your tree dies. But if you correctly time it, your trees flourish. They will suddenly boom to life because of the nutrients supplied. But what are these steps to be followed? Keep reading.

Soil inspection and testing

Our experienced arborists know what to do when you call us. They will come to the site and carry out several tests on the soil sample to determine the soil nutrient constituents. Through, this, we will know the exact minerals that the soil is lacking and needed to be applied. We will also know that deep root injection is absolutely necessary to help your trees grow well. We will not just do it for the sake of it or because you have called us.

Creating the fertilizer mixture

The mixing of fertilizer to be injected into the soil will be based on the outcome of the first step above. After knowing which minerals are lacking or are in small quantities and need to be supplied artificially, our experts will prepare the right mixture to be injected.

Determination of root location

A good arborist should know how to accurately tell the exact location of the roots in the soil. This cannot be done by just an inspection since human eyes cannot see through the soil. We use the latest radar technology to be able to accurately how deep the roots are into the ground. We will then find it easy to hit the target.

You can rely on our deep root injection service to save your trees that are suffering from nutrient deficiency. Just reach out, and we will assist you.

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